In the book The Color Purple, why does Shug give Celie a room in the back of the house?

Expert Answers
meg526 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Celie has left Mr./Albert because she discovers he has been keeping Nettie's letters from her. Even though Mr. has always been a terrible husband to her, this act of cruelty is the last straw because it deprived her of a relationship with her sister. Celie goes with Shug Avery to Memphis. Celie is still in love with Shug, but Shug is more worldly and cannot commit to one person. She gives Celie a room, so Celie has a place of her own and can work on starting her own business, which she does by making pants. Celie becomes more confident as her business grows and through Shug's affection. She is devastated when Shug explains she has fallen for a younger man in her band, though she predicts it will be a short-term affair.