Chains Questions and Answers
by Laurie Halse Anderson

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In the book Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, what is Isabel's first act of bravery?

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Isabel first demonstrates her bravery on the night of Mr. Lockton’s meeting in the library, when Mrs. Lockton’s aunt visits. At bedtime, Ruth breaks into tears for being mistreated by Mrs. Lockton earlier on that day, which deeply disturbs Isabel.

She feels desperate, because her situation has rendered her powerless and she cannot protect her sibling from harm, yet she is fully responsible for her. She, therefore, decides to take Curzon’s offer to become a spy on behalf of the rebels, in order to secure freedom for herself and Ruth. That night, she sneaks out of Locktons’s estate to seek Curzon despite the grave repercussions in the event that she is caught. In addition to that, she betrays her master by revealing the clandestine details of his meeting to Curzon, placing herself in greater jeopardy. She then bravely sneaks back into the mansion without anybody’s knowledge.

There are other incidents that happened earlier and may show signs of courage on the part of Isabel....

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