In Monster by Walter Dean Myers, what does Briggs say exactly in his closing agrument?I need this question answered before Wednesday !!!!

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I know that this is well past your deadline, but I feel the answer is needed for other people who may be looking.

Briggs states that the State failed to bring forward any witnesses to the actual murder itself.  Instead, they were only able to produce Miss Henry who failed to identify King from mug shots.  It was only when she picked him out from a line-up that she was able to recognize him.

Briggs also states that Mr. Evans, in order to make a deal, had to place the blame on someone and choose King. Briggs goes on to say that Mrs. Moore is not a reliable witness because she is related to King and would, therefore, lie for him. Briggs then states that Cruz is simply trying to get himself away from the trial and persons involved.

In the end, Briggs states that the prosecution has provided no reliable evidence against King and that he should, therefore, be found not guilty.

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that lorelle henry only saw 2 people and identified james king but could not identify the other man.

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