In the book bronze bow why did the romans capture joel? Did they know who he really was?

Expert Answers
Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the book “The Bronze Bow” by Elizabeth George Speare, the Romans capture Joel because they uncovered his part in robberies that have taken place in ancient Israel. Consequently, they arrest him. The Romans plan, upon discovering Joel’s part in the robberies is to exact capital punishment – death – upon him the next day.

As a prelude to all of this, a banquet is going to take place in Capernaum. Attending this banquet will be many Romans. Rosh, a Zealot, desires and asks for the details of who will attend this banquet. Rosh hates that the Romans rule over the people in Israel. Therefore, Joel, disguised as a fish seller (fishmonger), goes to the banquet host’s house to learn about who will attend this banquet. Then, Joel passes this vital information on to Rosh.

Subsequently, Rosh institutes a plan to rob the homes of the guests at the banquet. He and his band enter and ransack and pilfer these homes while these guests are at the banquet. The Romans end up arresting Joel because of his part in these robberies.

Daniel is the main character in the book who hates the Romans because of the crucifixion of his father and uncle. His mother also died afterwards when she stays by the cross of her husband and contracts an illness/disease that kills her. Joel understands Daniel’s hatred of the Roman’s that lord it over the people. That is one reason he partakes of plans and plots to harm the Romans.

The Romans know that Joel was part of the robbery scheme and that he was the one who secured the names of the guests that led to the pilfering of these guests’ goods.