In the book The Bronze Bow what are the five reasons why Daniel hates the Romans?This is for a project and I`m having trouble finding it in the book.

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daniel hates the Romans because they conquered Israel. In occupying the country, their arrogance toward the Jews causes the Jews to be discontented. Daniel's uncle is arrested by the Romans while defending his wife from them. He is sentenced to a labor camp. On the way there, Daniel's father and some friends try to help the uncle escape. In doing so, a Roman soldier is killed. Even though his father did not kill the Roman, he was crucified and dies. Daniel's mother grieves at the foot of the cross holding her husband for days. On her return home, she becomes ill from hunger and exposure and dies as well. Daniel's young sister Leah goes to the crucifixion site and sees the horror of her dead father. She becomes emotionally ill and will not leave the house for years. Daniel's entire family is wiped out by the cruelty of the occupying forces of Roman soldiers and he spends years in hiding with a terroristic group of Jews separated from his remaining family, consumed with hatred for the Romans.