In the book "The Bean Trees" (chapter 11) why did Taylor say to Lou Ann that she is just "too good of a mother"?

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Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because Lou Ann seems to be much more patient and protective of her child, Dwayne Ray than is Taylor or many other mothers. Though Lou Ann puts herself down constantly, Taylor is able to reassure her somewhat with these words:

"Dwayne Ray will always know that, no matter what, you're never going to neglect him. You'll never just sit around and let him dehydrate, or grow up without a personality, or anything like that. And that would be ever so much worse. Your read about it happening in the paper all the time." I meant it; she did. "Somebody forgetting a baby in a car and letting it roast, or some such thing. If anything,Lou Ann, you're just too good of a mother."

helper4evr416 | Student

she says this because Lou Ann is very great to Dwayne Ray even though she is a single mother. Taylor on the other hand shoulnd not have Turtle because she cannot take care of her. As you can see when Taylor is working at the Burger Derbey she is not paying any attention to turtle. Lou Ann works her butt off at work but then comes home with a smile on her face and takes great care of her child. (unlike many other parents that come home late from work and are to lazt to do anything for their children and only care for themselves). 


thank you and aux revoir! 

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