In the book Anthem, by Ayn Rand, what is a major theme in the book that is centered around achieving things? 

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In Ayn Rand'sAnthem,Equality achieves a lot of personal knowledge and enrichment by not choosing to follow the rules of a collectivist society. Throughout the novel, Equality recognizes that he and his brothers are limited in what they are allowed to think or to own. It is natural for humans to be curious and seek to understand the world around them; hence, this universal human condition of curiosity can lead to achieving "things" that might be natural to acquire through daily living. One "thing" that Equality acquires by exploring his curiosity, and disobeying the rules of his society, is that of companionship with Liberty. He also acquires an education about science and the workings of electricity because he chooses to follow his logical mind and natural human curiosity. Collectivists are enemies to personal enrichment, knowledge, education, or progress because it jeopardizes the "equality" of humankind. Rand is against anyone or anything that would stand in the way of one following his own logical reasoning skills.

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