In the book, Animal Farm, what do you think would have happened if Snowball would have gotten rid of Napoleon? What would Snowball do differently?

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Snowball's intelligence and concern for educating the other animals would have provided a longer-lived and better producing farm. The construction and stability of the windmill would have been overseen by him personally, and it would have provided greater use for both the creature comforts of the animals and for farm production. The animals would have been better provided for, and the elimination of all of the original commandments would not have been necessary. Snowball would probably not have adopted the extreme, autocratic stance taken by Napoleon: The guard dogs would probably have never become a reality, and Snowball would probably have shown much greater restraint when it came to the killing of fellow four-legged creatures. Clearly, Snowball was clever enough to never have been suckered into accepting the counterfeit money from any human hands. 

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Actually, if Snowball had rather won than lost, Napoleon would have most likely killed him to gain power over the farm. 

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bullgatortail  Hi! I was doing an essay and I had to answer the same question that was asked above. I had no idea but thankfully I found this question and answers. I used some of your information. I just wanted to Thank You :-)

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Let us start from the proposition that Snowball would not likely have gotten rid of Napoleon.  It does not appear to be in Snowball's nature to use assassination or political exile to effect his goals.  If anything, Snowball would likely decide that where a difference of opinion existed between two animals, they should each present their arguments and the animals of the farm would decide whose argument had greater merit.

I think we can safely say that in the absence of Napoleon, Snowball would not have arranged, nor permitted, the alteration of the animals' code of laws. 

Also it is unlikely that Snowball would have utilized the dogs to maintain order (to say nothing of ordering the rather grisly executions they commit as the story goes on.)

Ultimately, Snowball would have endeavored to prevent the return of the farm to what it was at the beginning, and what we know it becomes at the end, as a result of Napoleon's rule.