In the book Among the Brave by Margaret Haddix, how did Trey change from the beginning of the book to the end?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Margaret Haddix's book Among the Brave, the fifth book in the Shadow Children series, takes up after Luke Garner/Lee Grant takes his brother Smits Grant to their parents. Trey, Luke's friend, then stands at Mr. Talbot's door to explain recent events. While he is there, there is a raid; he meets an angry looking red-headed woman who is Dr. Mrs. Talbot; and he finds and keeps documents that impress him as being important. At the start of the novel, Trey is brave but not all the that independent in thought and action; he'd prefer to have help. Nonetheless, his action of identifying and keeping the documents gives a foretaste of the change that will develop in Trey.

Trey later finds Mark Grant, Luke's brother, and the two set out to find Luke. As a consequence, Mark is captured and Trey makes a decisive decision that both heralds and leads to the changes he experiences. Trey signs up a a recruit for the Population Police and with the help of a rebel named Nedley rescues Mark, Mr. Talbot and some others. When safe, Trey shows the documents, which he has managed to keep safe, to Mr. and Dr. Mrs. Talbot (who has nursed the escapees back to health) who identify them as a secret list of all the Third Children. The Talbots decide to destroy the list to keep the Children safely hidden but Trey--demonstrating his change to a deeper level of bravery and self-reliance and from follower to leader--takes control of the documents and, thereby, control of the Third Children's safety. Trey has become a hero.

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