In book 9 of Homer's Odyssey, what are some quotes about Odysseus's curiosity causing problems?

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Odysseus's curiosity gets him and his crew into danger in book 9 of The Odyssey.

Odysseus is curious about the world around him. In book 9, this is first shown when they stop at the island of the Lotus Eaters. He says:

We had our food and drink,
and then I sent some of my comrades out
to learn about the men who ate the food
the land grew there. I chose two of my men
and with them sent a third as messenger.
They left at once and met the Lotus-eaters,
who had no thought of killing my companions,
but gave them lotus plants to eat, whose fruit,
sweet as honey, made any man who tried it
lose his desire ever to journey home
or bring back word to us—they wished to stay

He didn't have to send people to explore—they were on their way home which could have been their primary focus. Instead, they choose to explore, see how other people live, and ultimately lose both crew members and time to these journeys. Odysseus has to go rescue his men from the fruit of the Lotus Eaters and get them back to the ship.

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