In book 3, chapter 4 of A Tale of Two Cities, what is the new legal order in France?A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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With the storming of the Bastille, a new Legislative Assembly is formed, one that will last for almost a year before the new Repulbic is formed.  This is the Reign of Terror in which the French aristocrats are slaughtered by the hundreds, and it is the character the Vengeance, that represents this new storm of human actions which seem, indeed, less than human.

Again drawing parallels between France and England, the court of the new republic is portrayed as equally corrupt to the English Court that first tried Darnay and certainly no improvement over the French court which it has overthrown.  Dr. Manette becomes known henceforth as the "Bastille Captive" and he roams freely throughout the prison, checking daily on Charles Darnay, ne Evremonde.  However, his friend Mr. Lorry worries that he will suffer a relapse in the face of the bloodshed of the "bonnets rouges" and the futility of trying to have Charles released from prison.

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