In the book "1984", Winston asks Julia what attracts her to him. What does she answer?

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In Book Two, chapter 2, Winston and Julia rendezvous outside of the city in the countryside for the first time. Winston is initially worried about how Julia will perceive him in the bright outdoors and even asks her if she can bear to look at him. Julia responds positively and tells Winston that she couldn't care less about his varicose veins or five false teeth.

When Julia asks Winston what his initial thoughts of her were before she handed him the note, Winston candidly admits that he hated her and wanted to rape her. Julia then proceeds to tell Winston about her personality and background. Winston then asks Julia what attracted her to him, given their age difference, and Julia says,

"It was something in your face. I thought I’d take a chance. I’m good at spotting people who don’t belong. As soon as I saw you I knew you were against THEM." (154)

Essentially, Julia was attracted to Winston's "unorthodox" appearance and knew immediately that he was someone who was against Big Brother.

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It is in part 2, chapter 2 that Julia and Winston get together alone for the first time and they get to talk freely with one another.  Winston asks Julia why, despite the 10-15 year age difference, she would be attracted to him.  She responds that it was something in his face.  She goes on to tell him that she is good at "spotting people who don't belong", or fit in with the Party and the general attitude of the masses.  She tells Winston that she could tell by looking at him that he was against the Party.  She goes on to severely denigrate the Party even though, she explains, that she goes through the motions of going along with the Party because that's the only way to survive.

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