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by Homer

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In Book 17 of Homer's The Odyssey, how do the suitors continue to seal their doom?

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Book 17 of The Odyssey further seals the doom of the suitors by painting them in a very unsympathetic light. The concept of guest-friendship was strong in ancient Greece. The idea is that any guest is welcome to sit and eat at the table of the hosts was central to Greek culture. When Odysseus enters the hall disguised as a beggar he puts this notion to the test.

Odysseus goes down the line of suitors begging for food and drink. Most of them actually give him some. That is until the leaders of the suitors, Melanthios and Antinoös, put a stop to it. They say that it is improper for a lowly beggar to be in their presence. Antinoös goes as far as to throw a stool at Odysseus. By violating the ancient tradition of providing...

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