In book 16 of the Odyssey, what's Odysseus's plan to take back his house?

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Odysseus plans to remain disguised as a beggar to the suitors until the right moment. He incites Telemachus to hide the weapons in a storage facility. He also encourages Telemachus to get enraged by the suitors treatment of Odysseus as a beggar. As Telemachus hangs onto this rage, the right moment will eventually present itself, and Odysseus and Telemachus can use Zues and Athena to help them fight the entirety of the suitors. As the King and his son fight the suitors with the help of the gods and their servants, they intend to recapture the throne and rekindle Odysseus' relationship with Penelope, but he does all of this without her knowledge. He plans this carefully so that she does not reveal his identity and the suitors will not brace themselves for the mighty warrior that they know he is.