What three things does the narrator see from his window in Book 1, Chapter 11 of The War of the Worlds?

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The Martians have landed and are beginning their destructive takeover of Earth by Chapter 11 of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds. After the Martians release their Heat-Ray, the narrator decides he must transport his wife to safety, so he rents a dog cart and takes her to the supposed refuge of his cousin's house in Leatherhead. On his way back, a thunderstorm hits, and he witnesses the Martians and their pods. He also sees the blackened remains of human bodies along the way. From his home he can see

  • Fires everywhere;
  • Martian tripods rampaging throughout the area; and 
  • An artilleryman outside his house who tells him that the Heat-Ray has destroyed his outfit.

The narrator and the artilleryman then head to London where they will witness more destruction along the way.