What is the exposition and climax of the Boo Radley plot line in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The exposition of the Boo Radley section of Part One is found mostly in the first chapter of the novel. In part to fill Dill in on Boo's past, Scout reveals how Arthur Jr. was arrested and then released into his father's custody, who then restricted him to the confines of the Radley House. There is a detailed description of the family and their place in the Maycomb community. Scout describes many of the rumors about Boo, most of which have come from Miss Stephanie, and how many adults of the town--and nearly all of the children--are deathly afraid of him. The climax to this part of the novel comes when Scout discovers that Boo has placed a blanket on her shoulders on the night of Miss Maudie's house fire. She nearly throws up at the mere thought, but both she and Jem realize at this point that Boo is not a monster but a caring neighbor. The true climax to the novel comes in the final chapters when Boo saves the children from the murderous attack by Bob Ewell.

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