Boo Radley leaves things for Jem and Scout in the knothole of the oak tree. Why?

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Boo Radley, from Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird, is an outcast. Rumors of who he is, and what he has done, have been popular among the citizens of Maycomb and their children. Scout and Jem have heard many different rumors about Boo.

Given their curiosities about Boo, the children begin to venture closer and closer to the Radley home. Bets and dares are made to Jem regarding his "ability" to go into the yard, look in the windows, and touch the porch.

Boo, certainly, has seen the children wandering around his home. He has, most likely, watched the children with the same curiosity with which the children have watched him.

Therefore, the main reason why Boo would have left things for the children in the tree is to simply reach out to them. Most likely, Boo knows of the rumors that circulate Maycomb regarding his actions and his character. Given that the children are curious about him, he most likely wants to reach out to them, through gift-giving, in order to open the door to his acceptance.


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