The Great Depression Questions and Answers

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Which of the following statements about the Bonus Marchers is true?  The Bonus Marchers... A. wanted to be paid the 'bonus' Congress had promised but delayed B. were dangerous radicals out to destroy the country.C. were organized and led by communists.D. all the above. My answer choice for this is A,is the closest answer, but bonus was due to be paid in 1945 to be brought forward to help them now as they were out of work and few savings to live on. Congress therefore did not delay it. I'm not sure about it.

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Although many conservative Americans in the early 1930s would not have agreed with you, your answer is correct given our current understandings of the Bonus Army.  A is the right answer.

If you are worried about the fact that Option A says the bonus was delayed, this is true in a way.  Congress promised the bonus in 1924 but delayed in a sense by saying the bonus would not be paid until 1945.  You are correct to say the marchers wanted it brought forward.

Leaders like President Hoover and Douglas MacArthur did say that the whole march was organized and dominated by dangerous communists.  Historians today typically discount this idea.  Therefore, A is the best answer.

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