boiling water in vaccumHow can i create vacuum in my home? And how i can boil the water in vacuum at room temp? At what temperature water begins to boil?

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Creating a vacuum is not an easy thing.  Especially creating a vacuum large and safe enough to contain a heating element and container of water.  You would need a completely secure and sealed environment.  You would also need a powerful pump to remove the air from said environment.  Then, you would need some type of heat source which can be control remotely from outside the vacuum.  While I have seen small vacuums created in labs, I do not know of any way to create a vacuum sealed space within the typical home.  

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Yes, I agree.  To create a vacuum, you would need a sealed environment to remove the air.  Within this environment you would need a way to heat the water.  What you would find is the lower the air pressure, the lower the temperature needed to boil the water.  Boiling is a way of vaporizing a liquid all the way through it, causing liquid molecules to enter the gaseous phase.

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It's unlikely that you will be to create a vacuum in your home. Water will boil at a lower temperature under lower preasure but it will vary with the pressure. Coversely, the higher the pressure the higher the boiling point.