To boil the water in the kettle, 2400 Coulombs of charge pass through the heating element in 200 seconds.  Calculate the current flowing through the heating element and give the unit.  Choose the unit from the list below: Amps Volts Watts

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By definition, electric current is the amount of electric charge that flows through the cross-section of a conductor in a given unit of time:

`I = (Delta Q)/(Delta t)`

In SI (International System of units) the charge (Q) is measured in Coulombs, and the time is measured in seconds. The unit for current then equals 1 Coulomb/second, and it is called 1 Ampere, or, sometimes, 1 amp.

In this question, the amount of charge flowing through the heating element is

`Delta Q = 2400 C` in `Delta t = 200 s` . This means the current flowing through the heating element is

`I = 2400/200 A = 12 A` .

Please check out the reference website for the further discussion of the definition and units of measurement of electric current.

The current flowing through heating element is 12 A (Amps)

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