BODY TEMPERATURE When one is having a fever, it is advisable to cool down the person's body temperature. WHY must the body temperature be maintained at 36.9 degree celcius?

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I think it's also important to understand that body temperature is an average of many people throughout the day.  For some people their basal body temperature is naturally lower (i.e. 97.2) while others are hotter.  As the previous posters have said, fevers indicate that the body is working and giving medication to reduce a fever is not always advisable.

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Actually, modern medical research indicates that one should not cool down a person who has a fever. It has been shown that fevers are beneficial in that they will slow down the replication of pathogens and allow the person's immune system to work more quickly to end the illness.

Here is a link to an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the subject.

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The core temperature of the average human is 98.6 F or 36.9 C. Some people are naturally lower while others are higher. A deviation from this average temperature indicates a problem. Our bodies work at their best when we maintain this optimal core temperature. If the body is too cold, the organs will start to suffer hypothermia and begin to shut down. If the body is too hot, the brain and organs will also begin to suffer. When a person has a mild to moderate fever, it usually indicated the body is fighting of an infection or virus. The increased temperature helps to kill the foreign germs. If the fever becomes too high, it is important to cool the body down to prevent damage. 

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