A body goes from A to B with a velocity of 20 m/s and comes back from B to A with a velocity of 30 m/s. What is the average velocity of the body?

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lemjay eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To solve for the average velocity, apply the formula:

`v_(ave) = (Delta x)/ (Delta t)`


`v_(ave)` is the average velocity

`Delta x` is the displacement 

`Delta t` is the time elapsed

In the problem, the body goes from A to B and then from B to A. Since the body returns to its original position, its displacement is zero.

Plugging in `Delta x = 0` to the formula  yields,

`v_(ave) = 0/ (Delta t) =0`


Therefore, the average velocity of the body is 0 m/s.

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