In The Bluest Eye, why does Pecola pray for blue eyes?

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Pecola wishes that she could be "traditionally beautiful" in the story The Bluest Eyes. Having been raised in a very abusive environment and therefore having very low self-worth, she does not feel beautiful or loved in any way. Pecola wishes earnestly that she could have blue eyes so that she could seem more beautiful; this desire derives from the idea of beauty that she has internalized by being given blonde haired, blue eyed dolls throughout her life.

This story illustrates racial relations in the Western world where beauty has come to be associated with the idealized features of white women. Pecola, like many girls, therefore develops an unhealthy self-image because she isn't white and doesn't have what are considered "traditionally beautiful" characteristics, such as blue eyes or blonde hair, which have been reinforced as desirable attributes throughout her life.

Pecola has internalized white society's ideal of what it means to be beautiful. And part of that ideal is the possession of...

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