Blues Ain't No Mockingbird

by Toni Cade Bambara

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In "Blue's Ain't No Mockingbird," what does Granny instruct Grandaddy to do?

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In "Blues Ain't No Mockingbird," Granny tells Granddaddy Cain to get the two camera-men out of her flower bed.

Granddaddy Cain has just come back from hunting, and he has brought a dead hawk home, which he proceeds to nail to the tool-shed door. Soon, a giant hawk swoops down on everyone; according to Cathy, he's 'come to claim his mate.' The grieving hawk is enraged and furious: it randomly unleashes its powerful claws on defenseless heads. Granddaddy Cain puts an end to the whole mess when his perfect aim with his hammer brings down the hawk.

Facing the men, he wishes them good day and holds out his hand for the mens' camera. Intimidated after witnessing Granddaddy's precise aim with the hammer, they sheepishly hand the camera over. Meanwhile, Granddaddy bashes his hand over the camera and starts pulling off almost half of the camera, parts and all. He tells them that they are standing on his wife's flower bed and to remember that they are on private property. The men desperately beg for the camera back; when they finally retrieve the mess of parts the camera has become, the men back off slowly and proceed to leave the Cain property.

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