In Bloodchild, how does the point of view influence the reading of the text?

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The story "Bloodchild" is written in first person. That means the main character is the person telling the story about events happening to him. It means the reader is going to see "I" in the narration instead of the he/she prounouns. 

What first person narration does to a reader is make seemingly strange events seem normal. You are reading the story from the narrator's perspective , so if he describes something in a casual matter of fact way,  then the reader assumes the same. No matter how weird the situation. And "Bloodchild" has some weird stuff in it no doubt. Sci-fi can be weird at times, but this story has pregnant men with alien worm babies. A reader will right away rebel against such a premise,  but if the first person narrator is calm and collected about the events unfolding, then the reader tends to take on those same emotions.