Blogging ProjectMy 9th grade enriched students are studying The Hero's Journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell, and we are using it to analyze the literature we are reading this year.  So far we...

Blogging Project

My 9th grade enriched students are studying The Hero's Journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell, and we are using it to analyze the literature we are reading this year.  So far we have read Around the World in 80 Days, The Hobbit, Gawain and the Green Knight, and the legend of Hercules.  We are getting ready to start The Odyssey.

In an effort to promote the constructive use of technology, I created an online community devoted to an in-depth study of The Hero's Journey called the 60 Day Sojourn.  The kids are really getting into it, and many of their blogs are truly insightful.  It's at  

I think it's a great way to use technology in the classroom, and I've opened the site publicly so that hopefully students may get to converse about the topics with people from other countries, if not just other states.  

It has worked out so well that I'm going to do it every year!

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That's wonderful.  I am also interested in what poster number 8 pointed out.  What a great way for students to talk to each other!  Not making the group private will also allow students and people from everywhere to contibute.  I have been toying with this idea, because the content on this site seems well-regulated.

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You can set up a group on enotes, make it private and invite your students. They can then create journal entries in the Discussion forum, and you can ask them questions (or they can ask you questions) in the Q and A area. You can also have them download your assignments using the document exchange.

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That is a great idea!  I tried to set up blogging accounts for my students using Classroom Blogmeister, but I never heard back from the site manager about my account.  I will have to try ning instead!

 I had planned on using blogging for reader response, etc., instead of traditional paper journaling.

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In reply to #2, you may also be able to create a blog only open to your students via your school district's website. I did a blogging project with students and we got the IT person to set up a blog on our school website, so we didn't have to leave the site. We all had usernames and passwords, and it was secure.

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That is a great idea that I am sure is popular with the students!  They love technology and to be able to use something that they already love doing is terrific!  I have a Facebook page and am considering doing something with Facebook since many of my students are already on it.

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     Is there any way you could propose certain sites to your technology department and get them unblocked for the purpose of research for a limited amount of time?  I ran into the same problem you're having now when I taught in North Carolina.  They had a form to fill out in order to "unblock" sites for research or for class demonstrations using my teacher computer and the projector.  It wouldn't hurt to check that out.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for doing this and sharing it with us. I'd love to be able to use it in my classroom, but unfortunately my district's firewall blocks all blog sites. You can't imagine how frustrating it is to try to teach students how to research on the web when almost every site they try to access is blocked!!!

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I like that your students are getting interesting and tangible guidance to place protagonists and narratives themselves into a greater context.  I would think it would have a clarifying effect on everything book read and movie they see from here on out. 


Though, how much did you delve into Joseph Campbell?  Did you read his book, The Hero's Journey, Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work?  I couldn't hardly understand that book.  How did you expose your students to his work? 

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