Bless Me, Ultima Questions and Answers
by Rudolfo Anaya

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In Bless Me, Ultima, why do only a few people know about the golden carp?

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Those who know about the golden carp don't share the story with just anyone. The golden carp is a belief in something other than what the Catholic church teaches. It would be considered heresy, or a belief that the church doesn't teach. The golden carp is a belief in more than one god. It is a religious belief of people who believe in the old ways of doing things, such as Ultima's ability to heal using herbs and other natural things. If you shared this story with everyone, it would no longer be sacred, and Catholics would say it is ridiculous. The story of the golden carp is only shared with those who will respect it and believe in it. When Anthony is told the story, it creates a huge conflict for him since he has been raised to believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. His mother wants him to be a priest. She would be very upset if she thought that Anthony might consider the story to have any truth. The story of the golden carp is only for those people who have the knowledge of the old ways.

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