Does Blanche want Mitch? Why or why not?

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Blanche wants Mitch to save her and help her change her current situation. There is a great reason for her to want this, she has lost it all:

  • the family home of Belle Reve
  • her husband, to suicide
  • her sister, to Kowalski
  • both her parents, told old age and disease
  • her reputation
  • her job
  • her money
  • her friends
  • any prospects for a job
  • her stability, in every way and form

It comes to no surprise that Blanche would beg for someone, anyone, to help her get out of the massive rut that she is stuck in. Mitch is easy to manipulate and seems to be as needy as Blanche. He is ideal for her, because he is likely to do anything she asks him to do. He would have done it, too, had it not been due to Stanley Kowalski's meddling to separate the...

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