Black Beauty Questions and Answers
by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty book cover
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Identify an event of interest in Black Beauty.

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In my mind, one of the most interesting elements of Sewell's work is how Black Beauty comes to know of the atrocities humans perpetrate on animals.  The event of Birtwick Hall becoming Black Beauty's home brings him in close contact with other animals, other horses.  This helps Black Beauty to understand the fundamental nature of abuse that humans endure at the hands of animals. For example, when Black Beauty comes to learn of how Ginger endured abuse, and how Sir Oliver endured pain, it helps Black Beauty to understand the way of the world, as well as the fundamental division between the worlds of humans and animals.  I think that this is an event of interest for a couple of reasons.  The first would be that it becomes a basic motif or theme that runs through the work.  The division between the world of animals and that of humans helps to drive the work in explaining its themes.  Additionally, I believe that this is interesting because it explains the depth of Black Beauty's character, one that seeks to recognize both the limitations of his own world and that of the human world.

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