In "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier, what are some details that suggest that an evil force might be directing the birds to turn on people?

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We experience the story from the point of view of Nat, who is intimately aware of the normal rhythms of nature in his area. As we watch what is going on with him, we come to share his deep sense foreboding that the birds are behaving in unnatural ways. We see as he does that the gulls are massing, then that they are heading toward the farm, details which make it sound as if the birds are especially targeting people: 

They were coming in now toward the farm, circling lower in the sky. The farm, then, was their target.

When they attack Nat, it also seems clear that they want to harm people in particular: 

They kept coming at him from the air—noiseless, silent, save for the beating wings. The terrible, fluttering wings. He could feel the blood on his hands, his wrists, upon his neck. . . . With each dive, with each attack, they became bolder. And they had no thought for themselves. When they dived low and missed, they crashed, bruised and broken, on the ground.

The fact that the birds...

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