Biology: Describe the roles of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in movement.

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The bones of the skeletal system provide a framework for the muscles of the muscular system to work against, promoting motion within the organism itself.  Take your biceps muscle, the top part of your upper arm, the one we flex when trying to show off  how big our muscles are.  When that muscle contracts, which means to get shorter, it pulls on the lower arm to cause it to come closer to the body.  It is attached to the bones by means of tendons. thick elastic tissue that binds the end of the muscle to a connection point on the bone.  Ligaments are similar in composition to tendons, but they differ in function.  Ligaments bind bone to bone in junctions in the skeleton called joints.  When the biceps muscle relaxes, the muscle on the other side of the upper arm contracts and causes the lower arm to extend.  Muscles that cause limbs to extend are called extensors, while those that cause limbs to come in closer to the body are called flexors.

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 ○ BONES     = it is solid non flexible connective tissue, it forms framework of the body and protects organs from damage

 ○ MUSCLES   = The main framework of the body (skeleton) is covered by muscles, whose function is to permit movement and maintain posture

 ○ TENDONS   = They connect muscle to the bone

 ○ LIGAMENTS = they connect bone to bone

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Bones are very important in our body. They provide support to our skeletal system. Role of bone in the movement of our body is important as they provide stability and acts as levers as well as give support to the weight of our body.
Role of muscles in movement of the body is the contraction of muscles present on the bones makes the movement possible. In short when the muscles contract, the bones move. 
Tendons are connective tissues that attach bones and muscles. Role of tendons in the movement is that these connect muscles to bones.
Ligaments are fibrous tissues that connects bones with the joints of other bones. Role of ligaments in movement is that it holds bones together.

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