Please explain the biography of James Hurst, theĀ author of "The Scarlet Ibis."

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

James Hurst is sort of a one hit wonder. He began his pursuit of success and fame by attending Juilliard in New York. Unfortunately music wasn't really his talent. Well, maybe it was, but it takes great amount of talent, good timing and a big break to make it in the industry.

Next he turned to banking and spent time until 1984 working for Chase Manhattan Bank. Throughout his years as a banker, he wrote on the side for pleasure. The Scarlet Ibis was his only famed piece of writing that has now taken on its life in many high school classrooms.

Many students wonder if the story of Doodle is the story of his very own brother. It feels very autobiographical. However, it is indeed a fictional piece.