Biographical information on Clive Cussler and his writing of Medusa. 

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Clive Eric Cussler is a favorite author of mine.  He has five main series; the Numa Files, the October Files, Isaac Bell, Fargo adventures and Dirk Pitt adventures.

Cussler was born in California and attended Pasadena City College before enlisting in the Air Force during the Korean War.  Cussler was awarded a Ph.D. from Maritime College, State University of New York using his non-fiction book The Sea Hunters instead of his thesis. Although a life long lover of the sea, the Air Force tie explains Dirk Pitt's attendance to the Air Force Academy before his assignment to NUMA.  The National Underwater & Marine Agency (NUMA) is a non-profit founded by Cussler.  It is dedicated to American and naval maritime history.  Cussler, like his fictional hero Dirk Pitt, is an avid collector of rare automobiles.  He lives in Colorado and Arizona.

The book Medusa, centers around a mysterious new virus that could wipe out humanity as we know it.  Attacks at two separate places are connected, and Kurt Austin must battle Chinese criminal masterminds to save the world.  

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