Slaughterhouse-Five Questions and Answers
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Billy’s serenity prayer from page 60. Be able to explain it’s real meaning, and the way that Billy mis-uses it to make himself feel better, also connect it to other characters from the novel

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"So it goes."

In Kurt Vonnegut's 1969 novel Slaughterhouse-Five, the protagonist Billy Pilgrim has become "unstuck in time." After surviving the firebombing of Dresden, Billy returns to a seemingly normal civilian life. He has the serenity prayer in his office, which Vonnegut quotes in full. Liberal theologian Reinhold Niebhur wrote the prayer, and it was popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous. I don't think there's any "real" or deeper meaning to it. Vonnegut is using it ironically as a common device throughout the...

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