Biff says, "He had the wrong dreams."  What was wrong about Willy's dreams and was there a right dream for him?

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Willy Loman's dream was to become a well-liked, wealthy salesman like Dave Singleman, who was conducting business from his hotel room at the age of eighty-four and died a popular man. Willy was inspired by Dave Singleman to pursue a career as a salesman and naively believed that he could attain popularity and wealth with relative ease. Willy also has a warped perception of the American Dream and believes that being well-liked is the key to success. He completely neglects the importance of hard work, dedication, patience, and opportunity in order to attain wealth and ascend the social ladder. Willy's dream of living a fulfilled, content life as a salesman is wrong for him on many levels. Willy is depicted as an...

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