Slavery Questions and Answers

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Briefly compare the experiences of Venture Smith and Oluadah Equiano with the first hand account by Alexander Falconbridge.

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The experiences of Smith and Equiano are confirmed with Falconbridge's account of the fundamental misery that slaves experienced.  The study of slavery has been so prevalent for some time now that it is almost forgotten how much cruelty and agonizing suffering was embedded in the experience.  This is recalled in fierce detail with the three visions offered.

Equiano's narrative embodies this condition of suffering and terror in its very exposition.  In describing his capture, Equiano makes clear that experience of misery which is such a large part of the slave experience:

One day, when all our people were gone out to their works as usual, and only I and my dear sister were left to mind the house, two men and a woman got over our walls, and in a moment seized us both; and, without giving us time to cry out, or make resistance, they stopped our mouths, and ran off with us into the nearest wood.

The language in the selection highlights the misery experienced.  The feeling of being alone...

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