A bicycle wheel of radius 10cm is turning at a rate of 5 revolutions per minute. Calculate the distance moved by a point on the rim in 2 seconds.

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When the wheel rotates one revolution the point of the rim will travel a distance which is equal to circumference of the wheel circle.

Distance travel for one revolution `= 2pir`

Distance travel for one revolution `= 2pixx10 = 20picm`


The wheel rotates 5 revolutions per minute. So the distance travel by the point will be `20pixx5 = 100pi` .

For one minute(60 seconds) the point travels 100picm distance.

So distance travelled in 2 seconds `= 100pixx2/60 = 10.47cm`


So the answer is 10.47cm.



Here we have to assume that the wheel rotates at a constant speed.

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