I need a Biblical allusion in a work of literature to the parable of the lost sheep.

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Moby Dick is a novel full of Biblical allusions. In chapter 128, The Pequod meets another ship named The Rachel. The captain of The Rachel asks Ahab to help him locate one of his whale boats, which has disappared after fighting with Moby Dick. All of the other whale boats were safely back on board The Rachel except for this one. The captain begs Ahab to help him search for this one lost whale boat, but Ahab refuses, fearing he will lose Moby Dick if he helps the captain of The Rachel. The captain informs Ahab that his son is on board that whale ship, but Ahab is so obsessed with his pursuit of Moby Dick that he does not care. The captain's son is only 12 years old. His other son was on board another whale boat and was saved, but this young boy is still missing. The Rachel's captain leaves his entire crew to search for this one lost son, this one "lost sheep".

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