In Chapter 28,  Jane sees a light that leads her to the house. What are some of the other biblical allusions in the novel? 

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mjush eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One thing to keep in mind with biblical references is that they are open to interpretation and different people and religious sects will look at these differently. Light is often used throughout the Bible.There is the theme of light in the beginning that light ends all darkness which symbolizes good versus evil.There is the light of God which represents God himself which leads people to him and the end of darkness.There are many more examples of this light imagery throughout the Bible, but in all references it is an image of moving towards God and out of Darkness.In this portion of the story, Jane appears to be lost and heading towards darkness as she is hungry, tired and on her own. It would almost appear to be a helpless situation. In this case, there is a light that somehow leads her to this house. Of all the places she could stop, she stops at a house that is willing to help her and take her in and an even greater coincidence that these turn out to be relatives.



pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this chapter, Jane is desperate for food, she has left her money in the coach and is penniless.  She goes looking for work as a servant and is turned away.  

Jane sees a light, light is an expression of hope, as well as a symbol of God's heavenly presence.  Going into the light is considered going towards God.

Jane walks towards the light, which is the house of St. John Rivers a young clergyman.  At this point, she is ill, near death.  She is rescued by the family, St. John, the brother, is both a man of the cloth and named after a saint. 

This family acts as the Good Samaritan did, taking care of a stranger in need.  The family restores Jane to health.  

The sisters, Hannah and Diana Rivers, along with St. John, also made me think of Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary.  Except, St. John, would be a representative of Jesus and Jane is the Lazarus character who is raised from the dead.

 "The light in the window that led Jane to the house symbolizes the light of God, leading her to a better place. Jane has found comfort at last."     

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