Between vesicle and vacuole in a cell, which one would "store materials for future use"?

Expert Answers
bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Technically, both are used for storage, but one more so than the other.  The vacuole is a large organelle, present in both plant and animal cells, that is used for storage.  There is a large vacuole in plant cells that is used for the storage of water.  Smaller vacuoles are used to store food, waste matter, and water.  Vesicles are small parts of the Golgi apparatus that pinch off and surround particles within the cell, preparing them to be exported across the cell membrane, or to other locations within the cell.  Both vacuoles and vesicles are organelles, or, in the case of vesicles, are parts of organelles, which are small organ-like structures within the cell that perform specific functions for the cell, like storage of water, among other substances.