Between two contrasting points of view do Winston and Julia swingThis is in Pt 2 chapter 5

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amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this section partially dedicated to the Winston/Julia relationship , the reader notices some differing ideologies between the two.  Winston is fascinated by the idea that the Party falsifies documents, but does not seem ready to give up the entire notion that the Party lies about virtually everything.  Conversely, Julia doesn't seem to care about the individual lies, but has developed the idea that the Party is completely a sham. 

Julia notes the fact that the war seems to change indiscriminately from being between Oceana and Eastasia to being between Oceana and Eurasia.  Winston is not able to accept something that large without proof, but agonizes over his decision to part with evidence proving that the Party had lied about three men.  Julia, on the other hand, is unconcerned about the fate of these men or the situation surrounding them, announcing, 'I'm quite ready to take risks, but only for something worth while, not for bits of old newspaper" (Part 2, Chapter 5).  She is more ready to move toward an full scale uprising but only if she can be more sure of its outcome.

Ultimately, Winston notes that Julia is not interested in understanding Party ideology.  He is, and his later interest in Goldstein's "book" shows this further.