What are some related poems, short stories, or graphics related to "The Bet?"

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This is a challenging question. It is hard to think of any literary works that are directly related to or derived from "The Bet." But there are numerous works that have some resemblance to one or more of the themes in Chekhov's story. Those themes are solitude, study, and murder. 

In the first place, there are the four gospels in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The lawyer read many books during his period of captivity, but eventually he seems to have focused his full attention on the Christian message contained in those four books.

Then after the tenth year, the prisoner sat immovably at the table and read nothing but the Gospel. It seemed strange to the banker that a man who in four years had mastered six hundred learned volumes should waste nearly a year over one thin book easy of comprehension. 

The implication is that after the prisoner had looked for what he wanted to find out in six hundred volumes, he found it in the Bible. The best translation of the four...

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