Best sites for learning about how to integrate technology in the classroomPlease list the sites you use to compare, understand and buy tech products for the classroom and share the experiences...

Best sites for learning about how to integrate technology in the classroom

Please list the sites you use to compare, understand and buy tech products for the classroom and share the experiences you've had with them. What's worked and what hasn't? What websites are the most useful?

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hala718 | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Educator Emeritus

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I had a class in my master program about Integrating technology in the classroom. The best thing to do is create you own website. You can gradually add to stuff to your website. You could start with a simple bio, subject you are teaching, lesson plans,....etc.

Keep exploring the web to find what good websites and programs out there, and by the time, you will realize what is useful and what is not.

You absolutly should add links to children game websites like math or reading games. Consider Yahoo kids website it is great. Link it to your website and let students visit it and learn.

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M.P. Ossa | College Teacher | (Level 1) Distinguished Educator

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You are welcome to use mine. I collect the sites I find in my own website so that my students can go straight to them and work from it.

Here it is: This is the posting where I listed and reviewed the ones to be by my students (K-5) this school year.

Hope it helps!

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drgingerbear | College Teacher | (Level 2) Adjunct Educator

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Just "googling" 'integrating technology into the classroom' yields thousands of websites. Currently, I teach a masters class about the integration of technology into the classroom - I have included some sites below that we use to help teachers from all grade levels and content areas. If you are looking for a specific lesson or type of lesson for a specific grade, you can narrow the search by typing in more key words.

1. This website is for K-16 educators: TEKS in the classroom

2. Education World: Peer reviewed site for teachers

3. Sites for technology projects and webquests

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linda-allen | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Senior Educator

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Since my district has a technology department that does all of the buying for us, I never have the opportunity to compare products. Heck, I hardly even know what's available. I'm going to keep my eye on this discussion to see what everyone else is using and maybe make some requests of our tech people. Good topic!

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sillylillie | Elementary School Teacher | (Level 1) Honors

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I've used the Internet 4 classrooms mentioned above and found great success with it also. I've also found some great things from this page put together by Debi Tisdell:

I have done webquests in the past that involve students going out on their own exploring sites and gather information from search engines. I used this list of kid-friendly searching sites for my classes as well:

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The website internet4classrooms is a great tool!  If you have access to computers for your students. It is organized by standard and grade level. Some links are not as good as others- but I have found MANY great links.  Sometimes it's games, videos, worksheets or interactive worksheets.

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dtfontana | College Teacher | (Level 1) eNoter

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I'll kick it off with this link, some useful stuff here:

  Thanks for this.  I am teaching a course--Intro to Theatre--which I've not taught for several years and need to "re-tool" using new technology.  I appreciate the info.



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