Best Experience EverWhat's been your best experience ever?   Mine was playing as a concert band in the Sydney Opera House earlier this year...

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My greatest experiences have come while travelling: Taking the helm of a large sailboat in the Caribbean; stepping into the many famous buildings found in London and Paris; roaming the Casbah in Tangier; nearly drowning while swimming during a hurricane on St. Thomas; sitting on the outer wall of the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine at midnight, imagining warships entering the harbor to battle the Spanish; stepping into the Ann Frank House in Amsterdam and seeing the outside world from her limited view.

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That sounds like a good experience!  My best experience was graduating with my doctorate.  This was a valuable experience to me because it meant that my studies were over.  I had been in school in one way or another most of my life.

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My best experience ever is ongoing and has to be moving to Cape Town, South Africa! I never tire of seeing Table Mountain - I did think of making the climbing of the mountain my 'best ever' but I know it's cliche - and obviously the whole experience of living here includes climbing mountains and all.

I know it all sounds a bit stereotypical but to me, an experience is more than an event, all of which add to the experience, so I'm going to stick with it.

I think an experience also has to have various elements - living here has its fair share of challenges - but, at the end of the day, nothing can change the fact that Table Mountain is just around the corner!

My kids think I'm a bit crazy and way too over-analytical, philosophical even - it's just a mountain, a beach, a city but, as we all strive to find meaning in our lives and satisfy

a need to live in a manner that is personally satisfying..respected by others or simply allowed without confrontation

I really think that simplifying the whole'experience' thing is not such a bad idea and I hope I haven't bored you with my interpretation.


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At risk of sounding prosaic (compared to the other answers) I would just have to say the birth of my two children. No events changed my life more, none were more anxious and difficult (far more for my wife than me, obviously) and the further I get from them in time, the more it seems like they happened just yesterday. 

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Ranking experiences like this is really difficult...but I have really enjoyed the occasions where my writing has been performed. In playwright workshops and for one full production, I have had plays and pieces performed by actors in a company. The experience is gratifying and exciting and a little bizarre. Characters that once existed just in my head, then on paper, come to life on stage. It was very memorable.

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I would have to say that mine was the two times that my wife and I backpacked a 90+ mile trail around Mt. Rainier in Washington state.  There are, of course, things in my life that have been more meaningful (being a parent, for example), but this was the most fun of anything that I could call a single "experience."

For a shorter experience, it would probably be the first time a team that I coached beat a school that we were supposed to lose to.

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when i was chosen to be a model for the YoungBlood makeup company.. it was a pretty cool experience i guess. too bad i dont wear makeup :)

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Its difficult to choose the best one. I'll say exam results and the appreciation made me utterly happy. It could make my parents happy too which I need the most. :)

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Playing Hamlet at University and not making a mess of it. I didn't forget those thousands of lines. I didn't overplay it or underplay it too much (according to other people) and I learnt so much about so many things from the experience. And I got to really know Hamlet personally, he changed me forever.



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