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Besides religion what else have the Christians brought to Umuofia?

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Umuofia is Okonkwo's home village and is the main setting for Things Fall Apart. After several years in exile, he returns to find that everything has changed. For one thing, many of the villagers, including his son Nwoye, have embraced Christianity, which for Okonkwo is an alien religion, a white man's religion. Okonkwo has always been very conscious of his status within tribal society and cannot understand why so many elders have abandoned their high status to become Christians.

As well as Christianity, the white man has brought with him his system of law and all its paraphernalia: courts, prisons, and administrative buildings. Here too Okonkwo is shocked to discover that local villagers have allowed themselves to become minor functionaries of the colonial state, administering white man's justice to those who dare to step out of line with the new order.

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