Besides Ponyboy, what other character changes a lot throughout The Outsiders.  Please include details.

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Soc boy, Randy, really has a change in perspective by the end of the novel.  When The Outsiders begins, Randy is Bob's best friend and one of the gang members that attack Johnny and Ponyboy as they walk through the park.  Bob's untimely death forces Randy to reevaluate many of his life choices. 

In chapter seven, Randy confesses to Ponyboy at the Tasty Freeze, that he is "sick of all this.  Sick and tired" (116).  Randy has seen first hand how Bob's death devastated his parents, and Randy has had enough of the pointless violence.  He informs Ponyboy that he plans on packing up his Mustang and driving away just to escape the rumble. 

Randy's conversation with Ponyboy reveals that he has had a true change of heart, learning to look past stereotypes and prejudice to see what really matters most.

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