Besides patriotic reasons, what are some other reasons people join Special Forces units? The challenge? Job opportunities afterwards? What kind of jobs are available to Special Forces operators after they have retired from the military? Do government agencies (i.e., CIA, FBI, DIA) and private contractors actively recruit these individuals due to their high level of training?

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There are several reasons why people join Special Forces units.  One of them is that these people who get accepted are the "'best of the best'."  The challenges of getting accepted and the challenges of training for and carrying out the mission are very appealing to some.  These people are motivated to be the very best.  They are not content with being average.  These highly skilled positions in the military tend to pay more, and they come with a high degree of respect from the public.  It is an honor to say a person was a member of a special mission force. After serving in the military, there are job opportunities available for these people.  They may be recruited for public or private sector jobs.  Since these people are highly trained, their skills are in high demand, for example, in the government agencies of the CIA, FBI, and DIA.  Some people serve consultants and work for various employers.  They could be consultants for news stations, private security firms, or law enforcement as security in war zones for foreign governments.  They could serve as contractors for government agencies if they choose to work in the public sector.  Since these people are highly trained, their skills are in high demand.  There are many reasons why people want to be in a Special Forces unit within the military.

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