Besides giving longer life, what are the contributions of pacemakers for human life? 

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pacemakers are utilized to regulate the regularity and speed with which a heart contracts, or beats. There are many benefits to be realized from maintaining a strong and predictable heart rhythm.

First of all, it is more comfortable to have a regular heartbeat. Persons who can feel their heart racing, beating very hard, or beating irregularly may report discomfort during such episodes; most people also experience anxiety and apprehension if they are concerned about their heart's function. Relief of such symptoms is certainly a positive contribution to the quality of life of a pacemaker recipient.

With the achievement of a reliable cardiac rhythm, people may be able to resume activities or activity levels that were not possible before placement of the pacemaker. Physical exertion requires blood flow and oxygen exchange that needs the support of an appropriate circulation of blood, which is guaranteed with the help of the pacemaker.

Expanded uses for pacemakers and the technology supporting them will probably be found with future research. For example, lead wires from a pacemaker placed in specific areas of the brain can help to relax and reduce the tremors often experienced by patients with Parkinson's Disease.

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