Besides Betty hearing the Lord's name in Act 1, what other incidents do the characters use to support that there is witchcraft?

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dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Looking at each act, in Act 2 Abigail tries to claim that Elizabeth used a doll or "poppet" to stab her while she was dining with the Salem judges. In Act 3, there are many incidents that are discussed. Ruth Putnam claims that George Jacobs sent his spirit on her. The Walcotts claim that Martha Corey used her "secret books" to bewitch and murder pigs that they purchased from her years ago. Mrs. Putnam claims that Rebecca Nurse murdered her seven babies who died before or during childbirth. Also, in Act 3, Abigail and the other girls try to claim that Mary Warren is sending out her spirit in the form of a bird and is trying to attack them.

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