Beside the ape family what other animal have similarities to human beings?I wish to know the names of animals that have similarities to human beings in terms of behavior and anatomy.

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Scientists are currently studying the similarities between pigs and humans, particularly for the potential of transplanting of organs.

Scientific research is currently mapping and comparing pig DNA with human DNA.  Humans and pigs share similarities in the anatomy and physiology of the heart.

"Pigs and humans are similar in many aspects of both infant and adult anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology and pharmacology."

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My instinct is to point out birds.  They are smart, some can talk and laugh, and they have shown problem-solving abilities in both lab research and the real world. 

They have arms (wings) and some of them do have grasping ability like fingers.  Their feet have toes for gripping like we do. Their pelvic bones are amazingling similar to human pelvic bones as well.

I have included a link I think might interest you on this topic.  Good Luck!


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